Drugstore vs High end

8 thoughts on “Drugstore vs High end”

  1. When I started to go gaga over make up and skin care products my firsts purchased were all drug store products. I think it’s a good way to start. Effectiveness and worth is not about the price but the amount of satisfaction we get from every product we buy. Dupes are not bad, it’s actually good to get the shades of lippies we want while we are on a budget. If the person loves the drugstore purchase then I guess it’s worth it.

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  2. I’m also into drugstore/our local brands. As much as possible I’m doing my best to let my people know that there are also good qualities but of the much better price. I’m also not shying away from high end ones but to some extent. Sometimes it’s not really the quality but the hype is what we took account. But in the end is what you really love that matters. And on makeups it’s this idea that counts.

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  3. I love drugstore products too. There are some highend stuff that worth buying for and there some as well that doesn’t have a value at all. You just really have to be very careful and wise sometimes.😊

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  4. A very sensible article! I love indulging myself time to time into high end makeup only if it’s worth it. but I just don’t dive into it only be cuz someone’s raving about it. I simply love exploring dupes and drugstore ones are the best and they are so much cheaper!

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