School reopens 

An eerie silence befalls the house as kids go back to school after a 2 week spring break. Dunno if i should enjoy this peace n quiet or get ready for crazy afternoons. Until i figure it out let me spend some quality time with my 5 cats . Ciao Continue reading School reopens 

day 10

hey people of the world, i know i know , i havent blogged since 3 days…. but kya karun…. sometimes life gets so complicated, no time left for blogging 😀 anyways, had a lovely chat with my best friend yesterday…. its raining back home, brought back memories of our college days…….woh kaagaz ki kashti, woh … Continue reading day 10

day 7

hey folks, looks i have become an alternate day blogger  😀 its been hectic since saturday, from getting new tyres, to traveeling halfway down the city to attend my driving classes…..well today was worse……my city my metro had some technical probs…..n we were stuck up for over 90 minutes. all thanks to my awesome instructor … Continue reading day 7

Day 4

Hi folks, had a busy set of 48 hours. My brother is visiting Dubai , first time. He arrived late last night. Caught up with him n cousin. They left a while ago. By the way things are cool between me n my best friend. Continue reading Day 4

Day 2

Hey folks !!!! How was ur day ? Well mine was okay…. Dost ko manane ki Kkoshish ki magar dost Ab bhi naaraaz hai 😦 Apart from that , nothing special happening …. Was browsing through my recipe collection, n found a recipe for pesto chicken , tried it today. Just made a tiny change … Continue reading Day 2


What a day !!!! Both my best friends upset / angry with me 😦 Managed to convince 1 ,after apologizing Ofcourse . But the other 1 , it’s a difficult task. Misconceptions can wreak havoc on relationships. I have decided to sleep on it. N give it my best shot tomorrow, hope he understands n … Continue reading Goodnight